Fluff, or Some Feathers: The Etymology of the City Pigeon  2015  44" x 34" x 12"  Weight: 1 lb.  A curio cabinet as insubstantial as its contents for a bird that everyone hates.  This piece is made of one layer of Birdseye Maple veneer affixed to a Bass skeleton. 
  Behind each door a veneered shelf holds one pigeon feather, each of which is tagged with an interesting pigeon fact.  
  After Chaco  2 015  50" x 60" x 3.5"  A wall cabinet with 8 hidden chambers.
 This piece is made of hundreds of hand cut and shaped steel pieces welded into a topographical sheet.
  The Observatory: American Culture Demystified   2016  68" x 27" x 15"  Curio Cabinet meets early Ethnography in this piece.  The cabinet contains miscellaneous objects, Magic Lantern slides depicting antiquated facial surgeries, and fake ethnographic journals to contextualize the strange assortment within.
  Pinhole GoSlow  6x6- A medium format pinhole camera    2016  -maple, brass, nickel silver, fine silver, rare earth magnets
  The View from the Bullet Train/Selfie   2016  A record of 20 minutes of landscape somewhere between Odawara and Atami, taken with hand-made pinhole camera.  The yellow blob in the middle is the camera's reflection.
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